What is CineArtistry?
CineArtistry is a Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service that aims to promote new filmmakers around the world who embody bold aesthetics and techniques, as well as unique and personal subject matters.

Why was CineArtistry created?
CineArtistry was created due to the fragmented nature of the film distribution industry because of rapidly advancing technology.  As a new filmmaker, one’s distribution options are nonexistent at worst and oftentimes convoluted at best.  The studio system is famous for being exclusionary and narrowminded, the film festival world is known for being political, and the online distribution world is known for being too convoluted and focused on large amounts of content instead of promoting artistry.  We are focused on creating a central culture of filmmakers and audiences who share a passion for creating and consuming unique content while delving into the theory and practice behind the scenes.

How is CineArtistry different from other SVOD sites like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon?
CineArtistry is focused exclusively on new filmmakers, many of whom funded the films with their own money.  Instead of being a library for large amounts of content like the other sites, we are focused on curating content by a small number of filmmakers and eliciting an ongoing conversation through live Q&A’s and supplemental materials such as bios, news articles, written reviews, etc.

How many films will CineArtistry have?
There will be 10 films per month: 5 feature films and 5 short films.

How often will new films be added?
Several new films will be swapped out for new ones at the beginning of each month, with the more popular films staying on the site indefinitely if they meet certain requirements.

What genres of films will be available?
CineArtistry is focused on curating content based on artistic merit, free of categorization.  As such, there is no limit to the types of genres that will be available.  In the early days of CineArtistry when it was exclusively a live event, we exhibited everything from hard hitting dramas, to experimental films, to bad comedies.

On what devices can I view CineArtistry?
CineArtistry is only available in a web browser at this time, but mobile and streaming device apps are in development.

Are the films in HD?
Yes.  All films are in 1080p HD.

Is Closed-Captioning available?
Yes.  Most films will have English captions and they are available by selecting the language on the bottom right corner of the video player.

How can I contact technical support?
Technical support is available by email at support@cineartistry.com

Can I view CineArtistry in my country?
CineArtistry is available worldwide, and while the company is based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, many films will be international.

How can I submit my film to stream in the future?
All submission information is available here.