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CineArtistry aims to be a distribution platform focused on the art and craft of independent filmmaking, and we strive to create an extremely friendly environment for filmmakers. Submissions are open to everyone. Here’s the way it works:

There are 10 films each month: five feature films and five short films. If selected, you will be given a one month contract to place your film on the site. This contract simply guarantees that we won’t take the film down for any reason unless you want us to, and we'll do our best to promote the film for you with our own marketing efforts. The contract is also non-exclusive, meaning you’re not limited to only our platform. You’re completely free to place the film on other sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Amazon, etc.

Once that month is complete, we will analyze several factors, such as the amount of views and the film’s adherence to the aim of the site, to decide if the film will stay on the site for an additional amount of time to be named later. If this happens, the film will then be offered monetary compensation, and an amount will be determined as we accrue more data.

Each month, only a handful of films will be kept, so you have a specific incentive to promote your film and get as many people to sign up as possible. There will also be referral codes so your subscribers will get a discount when they subscribe.

In addition to all of this, a few films will also premiere theatrically in Los Angeles, CA the month before the film gets placed on the site. This is to keep theatrical exhibition alive in a digital age, as well as to record live Q&As with the filmmakers so that they will play after the film when placed on the site. Preference for these screenings, called Showcases, will be given to the filmmakers’ proximity to the Los Angeles area.  For examples of previous events, check out our Facebook.

If accepted, you will be contacted for additional materials, and every film will have a Q&A that plays it in either a pro-shot interview or a via Skype.  All selected films will be announced via social media the month before release.

You can read additional rules and terms here.  If you have any questions about the submission process, feel free to email us at



This is no different than film festivals.  You can pay a fee to submit and we will check out the film as soon as possible.


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Film festivals rely on submission fees to run their programs, and this can be very costly because many independent filmmakers use their own money to fund their films and have little to none left over for these fees.  In keeping with our attempt to create a filmmaker friendly environment, you can submit a logline of your completed film to us and we will waive the submission fee for up to 5 loglines total per month.

If we don’t select your logline, don’t worry.  It could just be that we got too many submissions that month and we couldn’t select all of them.  We’re also aware that loglines don’t paint a complete picture of a film, so you will always have the opportunity to pay the entry fee.  You can also submit as many loglines to us as you'd like, just make sure the films are completed and deliverable when submitting.  We do not accept script loglines at this time.